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The new slot Cluedo Classic is somewhat unique because it was developed from a table game that has been leading the story since the late forties of last year. This game called Cluedo is favorite and reprinted so far. It is based on a detective story with a murder, and the name itself combines the words "clues" and "game." The video slot Cluedo it uses the same characters (suspects) and the same clues as in the original table game.

Try Cluedo Slot to experience classy emotions from the solving of the crime and winning a good amount of money.

It is proposed to solve the crime in an exciting bonus game. While the game is loading, we see a flashlight beam scouring the facade of an old manor and someone's fingerprints. Music and sound effects are the best suited for creating an atmosphere of an exciting detective story.

Video slot Cluedo is for those who like to unravel the mystery consists of five-game reels, each of which contains three lines of characters. You can play here with fifteen active lines. All the characters in this slot machine can be divided into two groups. The first is the participants in the game, each of whom is not just a guest of the manor, but also a suspect. All of them by name: the good-natured colonel, the charming movie star, the thoughtful professor and other are depicted as very colorful characters, behind each of which can be a mortal mystery. The second group of symbols is evidence (or suspected murder weapon): a revolver, a candlestick, a rope, etc. When you activate any of these images with a wild symbol, it becomes animated.

If you want to see the statistics of your game, then this can be done using the game menu. The pop-up window will show the number of your spins and the movement of funds during the game.

Miracles of deduction

The special symbol activates a bonus game called Who Won it.

This bonus game will be conducted according to the rules of the traditional table Cluedo and will give the owners of deductive abilities a decent win.

The wild symbol of the game is the image of the newspaper with the title article about the incredible win. The wild symbol in the Cluedo slot machine is capable of replacing any logo, except for the bonus one, to create winning combinations. Also, Cluedo slot can give lucky players free spins.

For detective fans

Slot Cluedo provides players with the opportunity to practice the demo version of the game before making a deposit. And even though the board game Cluedo is not very popular in some countries the video slot Cluedo Classic based on its motives will appeal to all players who love to unravel secrets with famous detectives.

So Cluedo is five reel/15 pay lines slot which was created IGT, has prizes up to $125,000, which must make any player want to try it, but it has a limited number of functions, with just a wild to help.

The slot is based on a table game that was quite popular and allowed its players to try to solve a crime. The crime scene, in this case, is a mansion, whose spooky exterior can be seen behind the reels in this case. The symbols on the reels with a variety of characters are part of the story and suspected of a crime, as well as several other symbols and weapons.

The paytable begins with the Cluedo logo, framed like a picture. Next, we have a wild newspaper symbol, which also gives the game the biggest prize. List of characters also includes Miss Scarlet, Rev. Green, Mrs. White, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, and Mrs. Peacock. The last six characters of the game are cards, but they have weapons added in front, so they bring some value to the theme of the game. Symbols of playing cards and weapons placed next to nine (candles), ten (lead pipes), Jack (rope), Queen (wrench), King (knife) and Ace (revolver).

How to win

The game has 15 lines, and it is allowed to play all for 15 coins. From the left side of the gaming field, the player can choose a coin value, and it is up to $10. The maximum bet, in this case, will be $150. The top jackpot is 12,500 coins, which means that a player can pick up a cash prize of up to $125,000. In Cluedo, the character is the one that already distributes the big jackpot, but there is a second combination that gives the same amount, and this combo is made up of five wild symbols.

A wild symbol replaces others when it can create a combination in this way, except for the logo that triggers the bonus round.

This bonus round is activated when one of the active lines has three characters with an image of Bonus. That is not a scatter symbol, as it happens in many other games.

The slot’s design is well made, and the fact that two different combinations will reward the same top jackpot is a considerable benefit that you should take advantage.