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Saturday, February 20, 2010

One Achievement, Two Years In The Making

Wait for it...

Over two years since I first inserted Crackdown into my 360, I finally got my last achievement in the game. Was it worth it? Oh yes. And this is the first landmark in my year of no new games (see my first blog, Games of 2010: CANCELLED!)

I mentioned in my previous blog that it had been over a year and a half since I played Crackdown. I never realized it had been so long. So much has happened since then and I've played so many games. It's obvious by viewing my playtime with Crackdown how easily it is to move on to a new game, and how hard it is to return to an older game. From my first achievement till today, it essentially took me 2 years and 14 days to complete Crackdown.

Now I did beat the game long before that. I probably beat the final boss within my first few days of playing. But I'm a completionist. I love to do everything in a game and create a perfect save file. Having a gamerscore doesn't help: achievements are like crack to me and it gets to me when I have one missing achievement for as long as I did with Crackdown. There are quite a few other games I own where I am missing only one achievement as well. Since I am taking this year off from buying/playing any new games, I look forward to finally completing those games once and for all.

A big part of doing this, abstaining from new games in 2010, is so that I can appreciate games I currently own and/or never finished. I was looking at my current collection, and I own 66 games across three systems. Of those 66, I can say that only 16 of those games I have completed (including Crackdown). Only 16 games do I feel I have truly experienced everything the game had to give me. That leaves 50 games for me to play through in this year I already own. 50! Do I really need a new game?

No. But that hasn't stop me in the past. Which is why I get to a point with games like Crackdown which I never feel accomplished with. Revisiting Crackdown was such a pleasure. There were few games that did what it did so well at the time, and still few I think that can. It's amazing how after a year and a half, I still knew how to do everything: fight the bosses, secret tricks, and fancy manuevers. It's like when I played Super Mario World after 15 years and still remembered all the hidden levels. Crackdown was always a game I felt I never had closure with, never felt complete with playing. Until today. And a big weight has been lifted off my gaming backlog.

So the question is: What has been the longest it has taken you to complete a game?

Bonus questions: What achievement took you the longest amount of time to obtain? Was it the last one you needed?

I think today was a great start on my way to clearing up my backlog for 2010 gaming. One down and 50 to go. I have been blogging everyday since I began my mission, and I hope to continue to do so and keep everyone updated with my progress and achievements. I don't know where to begin next. Like I said before there are a lot of Xbox arcade games where I have only one achievement to go, but some of those seem very hard to pull off. But, I do have a year...

Two years in the making. Believe it.

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